Saturday, January 16, 2016

Maybe I'm little bit slow

If you are nice person you maybe want to help me get better doing comics!
I wish feedback about HOW EASY/HARD/ANNOYNG it is to read my comics!!

-Is text too small or OK?
-Is my handwriting OK?
-Are comics too big files (dowload too long)
or too small (messy, hard to read?)
-Are you reading on mobile phone or pc or…? Are my comics suitable to that device?
-Is my english understandable enough etc.?

If you don't want to use comment field you can also send critique to


  1. älä stressaa tommosesta, onhan se totta et moni ihminen lukee sarjakuvia kännykällä mutta ei se oo niin vaivalloista zoomaa ja liikuttaa ruutua et voi lukee ne ei-vertikaaliset sarjikset. mä en ainakaa aio kompromisoida hauskaa perusjärjestelmää mis on vierekkäisiä ruutuja kännykköiden takia :D tee silleen niinku haluut! kaikkien sarjisten ei tarvi olla tehty kännyköitä varten! mulla ei oo ainakaa.

  2. Well luckily we have these programs such as Photoshop and even Windows own Paint which allows you to crop, copy, paste and change canvas size to make comics go magically vertical! \o/ You don't need a gun, silly : D <3

    1. Yes but often boxes are in different shapes, so they don't look so good when re-arranged... ;_; Also, biggest reason to angst about this is that I'm so LAZY that I'd hate to re-arrange lots of comics-- Work = Death and suffering. Maybe some day I'm that bored that I'll do it. :-)

    2. Nah, it's then comic-dadaism! You will be a forerunner then with personalized comic frame boxes : D!
      Though I feel you with that lazy attitude, I AM THE SAAAAAME on every task and little thing I do! But if you achieve some brilliant idea with laziness, you're just creative - not lazy.. :---D

      Aaanyway, like perarejka said, it's not too hard to zoom and move comic on screen after all~ ..except for a lazy one xD


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