Thursday, January 28, 2016

Life lessons by my psychoterapeutist

At least he didn't try to lie to me..............

ALSO, I'd love to hear depressing or strange things that therapeutist has said to you! Add a comment!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Adulthood vol. 666

There is days I only eat candies, ice cream, cookies.... and no one can stop me. I'm adult now.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hamsters are love

Ghost story

Maybe I'm little bit slow

If you are nice person you maybe want to help me get better doing comics!
I wish feedback about HOW EASY/HARD/ANNOYNG it is to read my comics!!

-Is text too small or OK?
-Is my handwriting OK?
-Are comics too big files (dowload too long)
or too small (messy, hard to read?)
-Are you reading on mobile phone or pc or…? Are my comics suitable to that device?
-Is my english understandable enough etc.?

If you don't want to use comment field you can also send critique to

Picky puppy!

To clean or not to clean

I just realized something about webcomics. People use nowadays phones, not big computer screens to read them. WTF!!! I feel so old! ANd stupid too!! So I must re-arrange all my old comics?? Or not? FUUUUUUU……!!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Comic rant

I think that bad handwriting (and/or cursive), of course have place in comics too, but I think they should be used only for special cases. Remember, children in finland are not teached anymore to read or write cursive. Your handwriting might be impossible for them to read when even they are adults.

I'm very mad >:(

 In Finland we have nowadays pay much more about our medication.

I'm myself peaceful pacifist, and MOST of mentally ill people are peaceful creatures, if dangerous, mostly for just themselves... BUT: Most of the really DANGEROUS people are mentally ill.... No sane person kills others on purpose. Most of the time. Do we really need more suicides, stressed out relatives, unabless to work, school massacres, burning houses etc. in finland? It would be both NICE and SMART to prevent these thing from happening. Giving the ill people the just the pills they need.

depressed people -> unable to work -> no money -> no meds -> no tax money, saddness
depressed people -> unable to work -> no money- STILL GET MEDS -> get better -> can work -> WOW! TAX MONEY BIG MONEY $$$$ + hapiness and joy


Sorry for not updating! I had no internet (you can guess why...) One reason to poor situation was (besides me just being poor, student and being stupid) terrible subtenant -situation (There were asshole drugdealer-junkie living with me... Maybe more of this later....) Gladly I got my student loan now and I CAN BUY FOOD, instead of garbage picking. But I'm doing garbage picking anyway. It's fun & tasty.