Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I'm very mad >:(

 In Finland we have nowadays pay much more about our medication.

I'm myself peaceful pacifist, and MOST of mentally ill people are peaceful creatures, if dangerous, mostly for just themselves... BUT: Most of the really DANGEROUS people are mentally ill.... No sane person kills others on purpose. Most of the time. Do we really need more suicides, stressed out relatives, unabless to work, school massacres, burning houses etc. in finland? It would be both NICE and SMART to prevent these thing from happening. Giving the ill people the just the pills they need.

depressed people -> unable to work -> no money -> no meds -> no tax money, saddness
depressed people -> unable to work -> no money- STILL GET MEDS -> get better -> can work -> WOW! TAX MONEY BIG MONEY $$$$ + hapiness and joy

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