Thursday, January 28, 2016

Life lessons by my psychoterapeutist

At least he didn't try to lie to me..............

ALSO, I'd love to hear depressing or strange things that therapeutist has said to you! Add a comment!


  1. Anonymous29/1/16 09:37

    I found it amusing at my therapeutist when we talked about cutting yourself and I said that it was never so interesting for me or I just didn't really find it helpful. He then explained me what others say why they do it and after that I started to reconsider if I should try cutting again. Didn't went as planned for him... :')

    1. Argh! Also, sometimes my therapeutist told me "funny" stories about other patients and (well, they were funny) but It felt wrong somehow also...!

  2. I remember when I talked about cutting with my therapist. He said that it's good that I try not to do it, but if I reaaaally have to I have to make sure I don't cut deep. Good thing I moved away couple weeks after that.

  3. "Pakko ei oo ku kuolla."
    Jees, menenpä siis tekemään sen.

  4. Anonymous9/2/16 17:35

    Terapian loppusuoralla puhuttiin vaikeimmista masennusajoista. Terapeuttini totesi: "olen iloinen että olet saanut uusia ystäviä. Puhuit ennen huolestuttavan paljon kissastasi"


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