Saturday, April 27, 2019

Hemmo seikkailee

New comic in FINNISH:

Don't worry, this comic blog will still be updating (when I care to draw.)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


I'm trying to start a new comic

I'm trying to start a new, "cute", fictional comic. There is super cute animals, but slightly horrifying things. Cute things also. Also suitable for children, at least if parents want them to be slightly traumatized.

There is a couple of panels to test a style. I did not like the style, it was "too" clean. No good for this comic. Something with different kind of scripts it would have been good.

"There is no money. The food is gone soon."

"We must get a job."
"Ridiculous! We can get food free by breadline."

(I wonder how many countries have breadline?? My friend from Brazil did not have heard of those. I still keep the Finnish culture things in comic. If non-Finnish readers do not understand them, the explanation is added. Learning is fun!)

There is an earlier test. Cheap markers that are soluble with water. But this is not good either!! Too messy...

I must think something like between of those two.

There is early character art - design is a little bit changed, and will still be changing.
I am not sure should the dog have a visible neck (like in image under), or not, like in comics top.
No neck is cuter, but with neck, you can turn your head better... The choices!!